Already Gone Impact

December 7, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

Here is a testimony of the impact of the book Already Gone from Dan Lietha , our talented artist of such things as our regular and popular web cartoon called AfterEden. Here is a report he sent to me recently about the impact of our new book Already Gone—a book which explains why so many young people are sadly leaving the church.

Hi Ken, I wanted to tell you of some friends of mine who saw you speak in northern Wisconsin at Northland International University.

This past July, I had the privilege of speaking for a week at Lake Ellen Bible camp in the Upper Peninsula of  Michigan. This is the same Bible camp I attended as a youth. The theme for the 2009 summer was “WANTED: Dead to Sin, Alive to God” taken from Romans 6:11, and it fit very well for me to do a series of talks on the 7Cs of history how we were created alive to God, but we became dead to God  because of our sin.  Because of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, we can become alive to God again. It is only through Christ that we can be alive to God and dead to sin.

While I was there I gave the camp program director, Ralph Peterson, some AiG materials (books and DVDs) to further equip and encourage them in their ministry. One of those DVDs was the message from your book Already Gone. Here is what Ralph told me about the impact of watching that DVD later that summer. Here is what Ralph wrote. – Dan Lietha

“During one of our staff meetings we watched Ken Ham’s DVD “Already Gone.” When we were done, several of us had the same idea that next summer we need to focus on creation. Having that in mind, I spent a morning thinking about themes for the summer.  As something would come to mind, I would write it down.  I took those to our staff and read through them.  There were several that everyone liked.  But as I spent time thinking about the material in Ken Ham’s book “Already Gone,” I kept thinking that we need to communicate to the campers that they need to remember what the Bible teaches about creation — and give them some tools to use in defense of their faith. So I decided on the theme “A Week To Remember.”  As well as remembering that they can trust the Bible 100%, we hope that the kids will remember the fun week they had at camp.”


Scholarship Opportunity

December 7, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published byMaster Books.]

As this unique scholarship involves a book written by AiG personnel, I thought it would be good to publicize this opportunity for students:


Master Books, an imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group [and publisher of many of our books], will award one $3000 scholarship for the 2010–2011 academic school year. The 2010 Master Books Scholarship Essay Contest is open to any high school junior or senior or the equivalent thereof from any public, private, or homeschool venue. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above.

This scholarship is a one-time award and may be used at any accredited two-year, four-year, or trade school within the contiguous United States. This award covers only tuition and university-provided room and board. The scholarship monies will be forwarded to the college, university, or trade school of the winner’s choice in the winner’s name upon receipt of a copy of the winner’s confirmed admission to their chosen school.

  • Scholarship information and application can be downloaded online
  • High school transcript or the equivalent is required. Transcripts or the equivalent must be signed by the high school counselor, homeschool evaluator/supervisor, or principal. Scholarship submission name must be exactly as noted on the transcript in order to qualify for the scholarship.
  • Scholarship applicant information, essay and transcript must be submitted by mail to:

Master Books Scholarship Essay Program
P.O. Box 726
Green Forest, AR  72638

Deadlines and other important dates:

  • Scholarship available online: Now
  • Scholarship due date: Applications, transcript, and essay are due February 28, 2010
  • Scholarship Announcement: Winner will be notified by student and parent email on or before May 1, 2010

Conditions of Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must be a high school junior or senior or the equivalent
  • Must be enrolled or enrolling in a U.S. accredited two-year, four-year, or trade school for the fall of 2010 or the fall of 2011
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 (or the equivalent)

The Essay:

Students planning to apply for this essay scholarship may download two freechapters of the AiG book The New Answers Book 2 at After reading these two chapters, students are invited to write a 500 to 1500 word essay with the following focus:

Describe the differing views concerning the beginning of life (according to Chapter 29) and your personal conclusions based on the information.

The essay will be judged on creativity, clarity of thought, accuracy, research, grammar, and spelling. The student’s essay will be the property of Master Books and may be used as an example or to promote this scholarship in the future. The student winner and his/her parent or guardian will be notified by email of their winning status and then must submit a written acceptance of the scholarship award by no later than July 30, 2010. If the acceptance of the scholarship is not received by July 30, 2010, the monies will be awarded to the 1st runner-up.

The Master Books Scholarship will be submitted to the winner’s accredited school upon receipt of a copy of their acceptance to that school. If the scholarship winner does not complete a full semester at the accredited school, the monies must be returned to Master Books to be awarded to the 1st runner-up. The winner agrees that all of his/her scholarship combined benefits do not exceed the cost of tuition, fees, and university-provided room and board as stated in the institution’s cost of attendance.

Download the application from Master Books.

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published byMaster Books.]

On November 13, I posted a blog item with the heading “Liberal Lutheran Pastor Slams Already Gone Book and Marriage.” If you haven’t read this item I encourage you to do so or refresh your memory by going to this previous blog posting.

Well, the pastor responded on his own blog, virtually ignoring the fact that we pointed out numerous false statements in his previous posting concerning AiG and its CEO. He admitted he was wrong about the publisher of the Already Gone book—but tried to justify his mistake. However, he basically ignored everything else and used his next blog to attack us for answering his accusations that he put up publicly on the worldwide web!

Mark Looy, AiG’s Chief Communications Officer, in a gracious but firm way, attempted to post a comment to the pastor’s blog—but the comment was not approved.

The ELCA pastor has now stated that he “had to close all the comments on my personal blog due to hate filled comments from AiG supporters.” This included, we suppose, Mark’s rebuttal to correct the many mistakes the pastor had made about our book Already Gone—but was denied. Now, do Mark’s comments below seem hateful to you? Here is what Mark tried to post—word for word—so that the pastor’s blog comments will not go unchallenged.

Greetings, pastor, from Answers in Genesis.

Ken Ham did not make a personal attack on you as a person but on the content of your lengthy, error-filled commentary on our book Already Gone. Even though you said you did not read the book, you wrote so knowingly (and at length) about it, including the book’s conclusions. You were wrong, though, on so many counts about the book’s content:

—You originally wrote that AiG has “one goal and one goal only—to teach Creationism.” That is a patently false statement. In so many of our articles, and even in our core values statement and our mission statement, we state clearly that our mission is to bring reformation to the church and to proclaim the gospel. As Ken wrote in his blog in countering your many false statements, “we stand on the authority of God’s Word, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to see people saved and be in Heaven! In fact, I often state in my talks that there is no purpose in converting people to creationism—for creationists will end up in Hell just like an atheist if they don’t believe and trust our Creator as Lord and Savior.”

—You stated that our book was about “only mainline” churches being in decline. An absolutely wrong comment. If you had read the book, you would have noticed that we summarized the contents of a poll taken of those who attended theologically conservative churches, NOT mainline (generally liberal) ones. You missed the intent of the whole survey: to see why so many young people leave conservative churches, and you said it was mainline churches.

—You called us a “fringe” ministry. Well, in recent Gallup polls, almost half of Americans agreed with the statement that humans today are the descendants of Adam and Eve from about 10,000 years ago. And many of the largest churches in America have hosted us in their pulpits this year, such as First Baptist Atlanta, Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, Thomas Road Baptist, etc. This is not “fringe”. Plus, Dr. David Menton of our staff spoke at a Lutheran seminary last month. Our supporters come from all across the evangelical spectrum.

In addition, our website gets more traffic than almost all ministries, our radio program is on 800 stations in the U.S., over 900,000 guests have visited our Creation Museum in less than 2 1/2 years, etc., and yet you write that we are “fringe”?

—Another wrong statement you made: that we tie “nuclear weapons” to creationism. Where have we ever made a bizarre statement like that?

—You wrote that “as society changed, the definition [of] marriage changed in the Bible. It wasn’t just between a man and a woman . . . .” Well, how do you deal with what Jesus said about marriage in Matthew chapter 19? “Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” God made them male and female, and this is the “cause” (i.e., reason) for marriage. Marriage is between a man and woman only.

—No, we are not a rich ministry, however you have chosen to define “rich”. Our biggest expense is staff salary (we have about 300 staff), and that’s the biggest chunk of our expense (as we attempt to pay a “workman worthy of his/her hire”). Also, had you done your research, you would have noticed that much of the excess we have on the books is money that has been set aside for the construction of a new auditorium (we are still collecting the funds and have not yet started to build). Plus, the salary figure you quoted for Ken includes benefits and expenses. I should mention that the executive directors of two similar-sized non-profit organizations in this area receive 2–3 times the compensation. Lastly, most people would say that “rich” describes a person earning at least $1 million a year.

You were concerned that “the part that hurt me the most” about Ken’s blog was that he mentioned your name and church name, adding that “I am assuming there was a reason for this which I can guess is to encourage people who come and read his blog to spam my site, my twitter address, and possibly church with personal attacks.” No, we don’t want people to attack you. But when we read of someone making so many false charges about our ministry and is also compromising the Bible’s clear teachings in the foundational book of Genesis, we want to warn people. As you yourself stated in your original article, “I write this not to only criticize, but also to warn.” You find it fine to warn people about us in a public way and yet we are not allowed to? Yes, it’s not fun being corrected, but that is not an attack on your person.

You wrote a “scathing” (your word) article about us and mentioned Ken by name, but why did you hide behind a pseudonym?

You apologized for mistakenly calling AiG the publisher of Already Gone. Thank you for that. But please retract the much more serious mistakes you made.

Pastor, please: next time you summarize the contents of a book and present a critique (a “review”), read it first.


Mark Looy
Answers in Genesis

The above certainly doesn’t seem like one of the supposed “hate filled comments” to me! I challenge this theologically liberal Lutheran pastor to admit where he was wrong—he can certainly disagree with us, but to publicly make false statements against us and not allow us to present the other side for his followers to read? That needs to be dealt with! Sadly, the pastor dealt with it this way on his blog:

Attention Spammers from AiG November 16, 2009 at 12:23 am

In the past few days, I have been getting lots of spam/hate comments/comments telling me how horrible I am/telling me how I am going to hell/telling me I am wrong/telling me how much I hate the Bible/etc. I have also gotten phone calls at the church I am called to. This is exactly what I wrote would happen due to a negative blog from the president of Answers In Genesis. I am so glad that you are taking the time to check out my blog and then writing comments that are either hurtful or unkind about me or about my ministry. I have been forced to remove comments until this all blows over. I hope your zeal for insulting me is just as strong as it is for Christ. I will continue to hold onto the grace of God and the cross of Christ. I will continue to preach his word. Please use your time for this purpose as well. As you can see, I have removed the articles to help speed the process of healing and forgiveness. I challenge Ken Ham to do the same. Have an awesome Christ filled day!”

So, he can make false statements about me and AiG—he can misrepresent us in various ways—we correct him (NOT in a hateful way), and his response is the above? Again, I challenge the pastor to deal with the false accusations he made against us—yes, we obviously disagree regarding marriage, creation, etc.—but many of the previous statements he made about our ministry and us personally were simply not true (as Mark has gently but firmly demonstrated). That needs to be dealt with by the pastor, but he is apparently so embarrassed by what he has written, that he now does not want any further public embarrassment by being corrected on his blog by our posting—and has shut down further comment. He has refused our efforts to give his readers the other (correct) side.

Also, we would never say that a person who does not believe in Genesis as written can’t be a Christian—it’s faith in Christ that saves.

By the way, Mark would welcome a call from the pastor if he wants to discuss this further.

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

The impact of the research in our book Already Gone as to why so many young people are leaving the church continues to grow. Here are just two feedback items we received this past week:

I just wanted to send a note of encouragement to your ministry. My husband and I attend [a church in] Michigan. Today our Executive Pastor highly recommended your new book, Already Gone, during the Sunday sermon. We are doing a fall sermon series on mentoring the next generations, and today our pastor described some of the research in your book. In fact, our entire pastoral team is going to study your book this fall. My husband and I are really excited to order and read the book.

We visited the Creation Museum last summer, and we often visit your website and are so blessed by your ministry. Thank you for standing so strongly on God’s Word and being defenders of the faith. We will continue to support your ministry through prayer and financial gifts as we are able! Thank you again, and we look forward to reading your book!


Had a good turn out in church this past Sunday for the showing of Ken’s Already Gone DVD; the response seemed to be very positive, especially from families with middle- and high-school-age children I was observing as everyone was watching the DVD. Everyone seemed to be paying close attention.

Had a great introduction by our pastor at the beginning; he read from the Parade Magazine interview with Dan Brown concerning how the church let him down with questions he had concerning Genesis, and our pastor read a brief part of an article that was in our Grand Rapids Press religion section of this past Saturday’s paper . . . there was a big front page article on how area colleges here and around Grand Rapids are accepting the teachings of Darwinian evolution . . . Hope and Calvin to name two (I will send you the article). Our pastor felt it was God’s providence that these two articles came out about the same time this DVD would be shown in our church! Our pastor than prayed for AiG’s ministry to be blessed…

At the end of the DVD, our friend . . . gave his testimony on how this [AiG ministry was used by his] girlfriend and now his wife . . . and her family to take him from being an atheist and help bring him to know the Lord. But, he still had questions concerning dinosaurs/millions of years. . . .

[H]e found a book titled The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! in the church library. Aaron explained after reading this book he became an on-fire Christian because he had his questions answered! . . . Talk about God’s timing, this is where i get goosebumps just thinking about this.

A year ago I became our church’s librarian, and because God used AiG to re-ignite my faith for the Lord, I eagerly put new books from AiG into our library. One was Ken’s The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! . . . .

We will be working on getting . . . other apologetic curricula into our youth Sunday school classes in the near future also . . . .

I’m praying God will use apologetics and AiG to get our church excited again . . . . In the near future, [we] are going to bring up the idea of a church bus trip down to the museum, and a good possibility of getting a speaker to come too! (this is so fun :) ).

Praying for the Two-Thirds

October 27, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

We are finding more and more churches that are being awakened by the research published in our book Already Gone, which deals with why and when two-thirds of young people are leaving the church. Two Sundays ago in Atlanta, the pastor invited families—with their children—down the front and prayed for their children that they wouldn’t be in that two-thirds.

Last evening in Broken Arrow First Baptist Church (Oklahoma), the pastor, Nick Garland, was moved to ask the congregation to join in small groups across the auditorium and pray for the church’s young people—to pray they wouldn’t be in the two-thirds.

I praise the Lord for pastors like Pastor Nick who understand the importance of the biblical creation message and stand on the authority of God’s Word. Pastor Garland was so dedicated to getting this message to his congregation that he did something I rarely experience: for this weekend he cancelled all the normal formalities of a church service, including the music. He basically opened each service in prayer, welcomed people, told them how important it was for them to listen to the message, and then handed over to me to speak to them.

For the three services, I had nearly an hour for each message—which gave me a great opportunity to de-secularize thinking and build a creation/Christian worldview, helping people understand the vital importance of standing on the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

Truly Awesome

October 27, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

We are receiving many testimonies as to how the book Already Gone (and its reported research into why young people are leaving the church) is having a tremendous impact on churches. Here is one such example received this week:

I recently bought a case of Already Gone and passed it out to friends and all of my pastors. My wife and I also led a biblical worldview group this summer—in which, we viewed the webcast State of the Nation. We were not sure how the book or the information within the book would be received, but our Lord had it all taken care of . . . .

[O]ver the last two Sundays, the individual in charge of our youth ministry (who received a copy of the book) has spoken to the entire congregation about the importance of discipleship, having a biblical worldview, and each of our roles within the lives of our youth—utilizing facts and passages from the book. It is truly awesome to see how God can get our attention!

Thank you for such a timely book. I am not sure if you will receive this message, but it is my hope and prayer that it will encourage you both. God bless.

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

On May 27, copies of the first printing of our new book Already Gone arrived in the AiG warehouse. Just over seven weeks later—with four printings and 75,000 in print in just 4 months. As far as we know, no other creation book published by Master Books (the leading creation book publisher in the world) has ever achieved such results.

I have done more interviews (mainly on Christian radio stations—though a few secular ones, too) in recent weeks about Already Gone than any other book we’ve released. (In fact, the only other time I recall such intense media interest was when the Creation Museum opened in May 2007.) When it first came out it was ranked around 500 in sales on Amazon—and consistently for the first few weeks stayed in the 1000–2000 sales rank figures.

We are hearing of churches that are revamping the entire way they teach every age level—how they choose (and now train) teachers for Sunday school. As one pastor said to me recently after reading the book and hearing me speak, “I am going to dissolve everything we do in our church and start all over again.”

There have been many great reviews—here are excerpts from another one we saw on the Internet yesterday:

Ever think a book of statistics could keep you up at night? This one may be it, especially if you’re a parent and/or involved in Christian education.

This book is the result of a collaborative project between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group to survey 1,000 young adults who grew up in solid, Bible-teaching churches but have left the church either permanently or temporarily. Typical thinking in Christian circles is that young adults leave the church in college due to teachings and culture that challenges their Christian beliefs. Ham and Beemer’s findings run contrary to this assumption, and they are shocking and disturbing.

You can read the entire review here.

We now also have a DVD, called Already Gone, that goes along with the book. Also, the hour-long State of the Nation DVD deals with the Already Gone statistics, as well as the spiritual problems in the USA (and other nations around the world).

You can obtain copies of Already Gone book and DVD—and The State of the NationDVD—from the AiG Online bookstore. The State of the Nation high quality video is also available for download from the AiG website.