[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including Already Gone published by Master Books.]

The head of an Atlanta-area organization (who has attacked our ministry before)–one that promotes (as a big part of its emphasis) a particular view of eschatology—yesterday posted a web article that attacked our new book Already Gone. The reviewer also gave the impression of being open to rejecting young earth creationism in favor of an old earth belief.

We found it strange that in his book review that criticized the book’s findings, the writer did not put Already Gone in the lengthy endnotes, and it seemed to me (and others who read the article) that this person wrote a critique of the book mostly based on reading an article that appeared recently on WorldNetDaily.

This person seems to get the idea that the book’s main and virtually only thesis is that the teaching of an old earth has driven young people from the church. Based on my reading of his critique, I find it hard to believe he read the book before writing his review of Already Gone. Accordingly, he needs to seriously consider the results of the actual survey done by respected researcher Britt Beemer for our book. Read the rest of this entry »