[Today’s post is from the blog of Ken Ham, apologist and founder of Answers in Genesis. Ken’s newest book, Already Gone, will be released by Master Books on May 26.]

Read the following and see if you can guess who teaches this (hints: He is a best-selling author; this man is a well-known scientist who claims to be an “evangelical Christian:” he was a keynote speaker at the U.S. National Prayer Breakfast in 2007):

Belief in a supernatural creator always leaves open the possibility that human beings are a fully-intended part of creation. If the Creator chooses to interact with creation, he could very well influence the evolutionary process to ensure the arrival of his intended result . . . . Furthermore, an omniscient creator could easily create the universe in such a way that physical and natural laws would result in human evolution . . . .

God planned for humans to evolve to the point of attaining these characteristics . . . . For example, in order to reflect God’s Image by engaging in meaningful relationships, the human brain had to evolve to the point where an understanding of love and relationship could be grasped and lived out. God’s intention for humans to have relationships is illustrated in the opening chapters of Genesis, where many fundamental truths about God and humankind are communicated through the imagery of Read the rest of this entry »