Evolutionists – Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Children

December 7, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published byMaster Books.]

One of the people in the group of almost 300 atheists/agnostics who visited the Creation Museum a few months ago wrote this on his blog:

It is in the minds and hearts of our children that the battle will be fought . . . .

Secular humanists understand that if you can brainwash children from an early age in evolution and an anti-Christian philosophy, they will capture their hearts and minds. Sadly, they are being very successful at this. As we have shown in the book, Already Gone—based on statistically valid research conducted by America’s Research Group—the two-thirds of young people who are leaving the church really are doing so because the church is not countering what the world is doing to indoctrinate them against the Bible’s history (particularly in Genesis).

All over the world, the secular humanists (who are a minority in the culture) are gaining ground, capturing new generations of kids. The Already Gone research also showed that children from the church are being lost much earlier than most people think—40% by the end of middle school and another 45% by the end of high school.

Sadly, the secularists have already scored another victory in England to capture the hearts and minds of young children. Here are excerpts from a report from the BBC (by the way, as you read this, keep in mind that primary school is the equivalent of elementary school in the USA):

Primary school children in England will have to learn about evolution . . . .

Schools Minister Vernon Coaker says the subjects will be compulsory elements of a new primary school curriculum being introduced in 2011. Scientists and humanists had lobbied ministers for the inclusion of evolution in the theme-based timetable. . . . The British Humanist Association (BHA) had led a campaign to have Darwin’s theory of how life evolved through natural selection made a compulsory element of the new primary curriculum. It organised a public letter signed by more than 500 from scientists and supporters.

Andrew Copson of the BHA said: “This is excellent news. Evolution is arguably the most important concept underlying the life sciences. Providing children with an understanding of it an early age will help lay the foundations for a surer scientific understanding later on.” He added: “Public authorities clearly need to do more to tackle the growing threat to the public’s understanding of science from creationist-inspired beliefs and other pseudoscience”.

Evolution is already taught in secondary schools and many primary schools, but under the curriculum changes, it will become compulsory for primary pupils, with the recommendation that they are taught the subject in their later years at school. The new curriculum says schools must “investigate and explain how plants and animals are interdependent and are diverse and adapted to their environment by natural selection”.

Professor Sir Martin Taylor, vice-president of the Royal Society, said: “We are delighted to see evolution explicitly included in the primary curriculum. One of the most remarkable achievements of science over the last two hundred years has been to show how humans and all other organisms on the earth arose through the process of evolution.”

By the way, as any of you who have heard AiG speakers or read many of the articles on the AiG website, we totally agree with natural selection—it is an observable process—but it has absolutely nothing to do with molecules-to-man evolution. In fact, when properly understood, it is easy to see it is the opposite of the molecules-to-man idea and confirms the biblical account of God creating distinctkinds of animals and plants—after their kind.

Now, think about this in regard to the USA. Students in almost all public schools are already taught evolution as fact from a young age. Also, Christianity was thrown out of the public schools in the USA years ago and replaced with the religion of naturalism (or atheism). Ninety percent of kids from church homes attend public schools. That is why every parent needs to read the book Already Gone to understand what is happening to their children if they attend a typical public school.


3 Responses to “Evolutionists – Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Children”

  1. Chase W Says:

    I’m tired of this. Too many atheists around!

    Everyone needs to homeschool! Although this has problems in itself (like some parents not caring about creation).

    The evolution thing in public schools almost got me, too. The funny thing is, I believed in both evolution, and creation! But then my parents started homeschooling, and now we are doing a history that is completely creation (It is called Mystery of History, the first book is Creation to Resurrection)!

    I already knew about evolution being taught in public school, but Christianity used to be taught in schools? Other students probably weren’t so mean then (I had just started middle school before I started to get homeschooled, the kids there were mean!).

    But on the page on the AiG website (the one here: http://www.answersingenesis.org/PublicStore/product/Already-Gone-Book,6131,224.aspx ), the Sunday School thing is kinda hard to believe! I mean sure, I think of A LOT of questions about the Bible, but that hasn’t stopped me from believing one bit (that might be due to the fact that my brother who was born with emphysema is alive…).

    • I believe evolution to be proof of creation.After all where does the Bible limit God to only create things out of nothing rather than be able to work through the laws that he made?

      A man’s soul is not his body.the soul occupies the body till death (that’s when we go to heaven.) So why is it necessary that the time Adam spent in Eden was in corporeal form?
      What I have been taught is that after they disobeyed God they were sent to earth, that’s it. It doesn’t say that they lived in heaven in human form (which even if they did isn’t important to what i’m trying to say), what i’m really trying to say is that the simple solution to the problem is NOT say that either evolution nor creation is wrong but that evolution IS creation .What I mean is that when god sent them to earth he gave them human bodies. NOW it doesn’t say that God did not create them through evolution ,it just says that they were from soil(which is what practically everything on earth is made of ‘case we’ve been recycling the same thing for ages!
      (you eat you die then you decay your’e body breaks down into chemicals which eventually find their way back into the food cycle ,someone eats and assimilates it and your’e dead body becomes a part of theirs while your’e long departed soul is now happy with God that means man is made of soil; hence true!)

      Second their bodies were those of the first homo sapiens (a new species made when the babies in two different cro-magnon mommies mutated to become a different species on their own) monkeys in fact evolved later so man didn’t come from monkeys nor chimps we’re all(even cro-magnons and neanderthals ) descendants of the same ape like creature long ago)

      An ape is not a human even if it gives birth to a human.

      science is the study of everything and the path of truth ,it’s man’s feeble attempt to find knowledge wile religion is some basic necessary knowledge imparted by God. Science stops when it finds Him.

  2. tom Says:

    you’ve made lots of spelling mistakes.
    : )

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