“Already Gone” Impact is Growing

October 27, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including  Already Gone published by Master Books.]

The impact of the research in our book Already Gone as to why so many young people are leaving the church continues to grow. Here are just two feedback items we received this past week:

I just wanted to send a note of encouragement to your ministry. My husband and I attend [a church in] Michigan. Today our Executive Pastor highly recommended your new book, Already Gone, during the Sunday sermon. We are doing a fall sermon series on mentoring the next generations, and today our pastor described some of the research in your book. In fact, our entire pastoral team is going to study your book this fall. My husband and I are really excited to order and read the book.

We visited the Creation Museum last summer, and we often visit your website and are so blessed by your ministry. Thank you for standing so strongly on God’s Word and being defenders of the faith. We will continue to support your ministry through prayer and financial gifts as we are able! Thank you again, and we look forward to reading your book!


Had a good turn out in church this past Sunday for the showing of Ken’s Already Gone DVD; the response seemed to be very positive, especially from families with middle- and high-school-age children I was observing as everyone was watching the DVD. Everyone seemed to be paying close attention.

Had a great introduction by our pastor at the beginning; he read from the Parade Magazine interview with Dan Brown concerning how the church let him down with questions he had concerning Genesis, and our pastor read a brief part of an article that was in our Grand Rapids Press religion section of this past Saturday’s paper . . . there was a big front page article on how area colleges here and around Grand Rapids are accepting the teachings of Darwinian evolution . . . Hope and Calvin to name two (I will send you the article). Our pastor felt it was God’s providence that these two articles came out about the same time this DVD would be shown in our church! Our pastor than prayed for AiG’s ministry to be blessed…

At the end of the DVD, our friend . . . gave his testimony on how this [AiG ministry was used by his] girlfriend and now his wife . . . and her family to take him from being an atheist and help bring him to know the Lord. But, he still had questions concerning dinosaurs/millions of years. . . .

[H]e found a book titled The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! in the church library. Aaron explained after reading this book he became an on-fire Christian because he had his questions answered! . . . Talk about God’s timing, this is where i get goosebumps just thinking about this.

A year ago I became our church’s librarian, and because God used AiG to re-ignite my faith for the Lord, I eagerly put new books from AiG into our library. One was Ken’s The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! . . . .

We will be working on getting . . . other apologetic curricula into our youth Sunday school classes in the near future also . . . .

I’m praying God will use apologetics and AiG to get our church excited again . . . . In the near future, [we] are going to bring up the idea of a church bus trip down to the museum, and a good possibility of getting a speaker to come too! (this is so fun :) ).


3 Responses to ““Already Gone” Impact is Growing”

  1. Sam Says:

    Dear Ken,
    As a year 12 Sunday School teacher in the Coptic Orthodox Church, the topic of your book struck a real resonance with me. I thought of the issue as being related to “spiritual apathy”. The kids know what the right thing to do is, but they can’t be bothered doing it. We thought it be useful to make a short film after the final exams called “the apathy syndrome”, involving the kids themselves.

    I hope you find it interesting:

  2. David Evarts Says:

    It seems clear that the reason young people who are most involved in their churches may be leaving them is the unacknowledged selective literalism, lack of truth and incongruity with the Bible and science evidenced in the views of the dominant anti-evolutionary dogma of some churches. When folks such as the AIG people return to the Bible and leave behind their crusade against science, they will cease driving thoughtful, truth-seekers out of the church.

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