How Can Christians Survive Secular College?

August 17, 2009

[The following post was originally published by Dr. Jason Lisle, a Creationist Astrophysicist at Answers in Genesis, and author of The Ultimate Proof of Creation, published by Master Books.]

A: I can say from experience that being a biblical creationist at a secular college has its challenges. In addition to the normal academic pressures faced by all students, the consistent Christian must learn to be discerning about the views and interpretations expressed by his or her professors. This requires extra research as well as time (a valuable commodity while in college!). Such intellectual challenges occur in the midst of a social environment that is hostile to Christianity.

Many Christian parents are concerned that such a secular environment may lead their children to walk away from the Church. This concern is justified, since studies have shown that around two out of three Christian students from conservative churches will leave the church when they become adults.

First of all, our research shows that the problem starts much earlier than college. Nearly 90% of those students who leave the church have already begun to doubt God’s Word by the time they graduate from high school. Although they may continue to attend church with their parents, spiritually they are already gone.

Most Christian teenagers do not understand how the Bible connects to the “real world.” They have been taught “Bible stories,” but they have not been shown how the Bible’s history explains the evidence around us—from biology and geology to astronomy. Conversely, public schools use their evolutionary version of history to interpret the present world. So, students are inclined to think that the secular version of history they learned in public school is real, whereas the Bible is just a collection of interesting stories.


3 Responses to “How Can Christians Survive Secular College?”

  1. skeptexas Says:

    “So, students are inclined to think that the secular version of history they learned in public school is real, whereas the Bible is just a collection of interesting stories.”

    There is a very good reason people believe this:
    It’s true.

    • Jeff Says:

      skeptexas, is your “very good reason” — “It’s true” — rational? Isn’t that like saying to a 2 year old who asks why it’s wrong to lie, “Because it is wrong”?

      Uniformity of natural law in time and space, logic and morality — all foundational to the systematic pursuit of knowledge (science) — undeniably exist. Yet the secular version of history calls for progression from nothing to something to complex forms through unguided processes. An ordering process that allows for self-assembly has to be assumed — borrowed from a universe designed to have uniformity, logic and morality — even though evolution is supposed to be unguided and without goal.

      Modular evolution (random interaction of a “Lego” piece of matter with another) has been forwarded as an explanation for component-like structure we observe. The existence of modules and laws for the interaction of modules has to be assumed, i.e. laws of interaction and the modules themselves were pre-existing. That’s not an unguided process.

      Game theory (survival through cooperation) has been postulated to account for altruism, logic, love, morality and other intangibles. “Rules” of the games — what is possible and what is not — have to be assumed before any games are possible, i.e. the rules must predate the games. That’s not an unguided process either.

      An arbitrary explanation such as “it’s true” may be the most reasonable way to describe a self-contradicting view of history.

  2. crizzy Says:

    When a claim is made of something supernatural, there needs to be some evidence. I have yet to see a single piece of evidence for any god, and certainly not for the christian god. There is lots of evidence AGAINST god’s existence though.

    The christian god condones slavery and rape, he murders millions of children, he orders stoning unruly children and people that pick up sticks on the sabbath. God favored the wicked often, such as Lot, a man that offered his daughters up to a rape mob then later molested them and blamed them for seducing him. He also favored King David even after he sent a man to die so he could sleep with his wife. The punishment? David’s SON dies. What kind of justice is that? God sent bears to kill 42 people that called Elisha a “bald head”. It would be horrible if it were true, but it isn’t.

    The bible is an ignorant book full of inaccuracies, such as the world is a circle, the world sits on pillars, the stars are holes in a firmament, leprosy is cured by shaving hair, reciting incantations and sprinkling bird blood. It is ridiculous that anyone believes this stuff. I could go on all day long.

    Religion has been on the losing end to science throughout history. Every time we have asserted supernatural explanations for everything from thunder, lighting, earthquakes, creation, disease it was SCIENCE that proved otherwise. Religion is used to control people’s minds, and that it does very well.


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