Spiritual Lessons from a London Vacation

August 11, 2009

[The following post is by Britt Beemer, founder and president of America’s Research Group. Britt is also the co-author Already Gone published by Master Books. Britt and his family recently returned from a holiday in London.]

The most surprising experience from our London trip was seeing Charles Darwin’s tomb in Westminster Abbey.  When I asked a Church leader, he said, “Darwin was a Christian and the Church now accepts his beliefs!”

I further learned there are very few active members of this Church/Abbey, and on most Sundays they have less than 300 attending their services.  The only way they can afford to operate the Church is by charging tourists like me 30 British pounds for a family of four.  The Church has become a historical building, getting thousands of tourists each month walking through its wide expanse like any large museum.  It’s sad that a once proud building with hundreds of parishioners is now a tourist site.

When you abandon God’s Word, He cannot honor your ministry and now you just show a group of tourists a Christian museum.

It’s a sad state of affairs that the leading proponent of evolution is considered a teacher within the Church and God’s Word is abandoned for a man’s unsubstantiated theory that we evolved from ape-like creatures.

My favorite line from the Church leader was, “You know we don’t get any funding from the government, so there’s no way we could support the Church without all the money from charging tourists.”

I replied, “God’s treasury would be sufficient if you truly followed His Word and taught all the teachings from the Bible.”

His response, “I just doubt it.”

Over half the churches in England are in spiritual decay and physical decay.  The spiritual decay came first and the physical decay followed.  When you start replacing God’s Word with man’s theory, where will it end?  The church there is in decay because there is no truth.

If man evolved from apes, there would be no Garden of Eden, there would be no Original Sin, there would be no reason for Christ to come into the world, and the Bible would be just another book.

Darwin may physically be buried at Westminster Abbey, but I believe his soul is not in a heavenly place today.


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