Churches Responding to Already Gone

June 29, 2009

[The following post was originally published in Ken Ham’s personal blog, “Around the World with Ken Ham.” Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the author of numerous books, including Already Gone published by Master Books.[

Our book, Already Gone, has quickly become a bestseller. A typical response we are seeing from pastors is similar to what this pastor wrote to the leaders in his church:

Recently several of us have read Already Gone, a powerful and challenging book by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer. The subject is “Why our kids are quitting church and how we can get them back.” Soon a copy of this book will be made available to our Sunday school teachers and deacons without charge, and I believe it will be a tremendous help to all of us in understanding why so many young people brought up in church eventually leave it behind, and what we, as leaders, can do to prevent it.

This book has the potential, if the Lord so allows and blesses, to have a tremendous impact on the church (and the church of course to have an impact on the culture).

You can purchase this book in single copies or discounted in packs of 10 or case lots of 48 from AiG’s online bookstore.


8 Responses to “Churches Responding to Already Gone”

  1. Bud Wesche Says:

    I am a strong Young Earth Creationist and a strong supporter of AIG and Ken Ham. However, I believe that Gary DeMar has a very worthy viewpoint to consider in his article entitled _Why Creation and Prophecy Can’t be Separated_, which can be read at:

    I believe Gary is “right on.” Prayerfully consider what he has to say.

    For the supremacy of God in all things,
    Bud Wesche

    • zak89 Says:

      Gary Demar is simply floundering; Already Gone and the accompanying research is stealing he’s thunder. Mr Demar wants us to believe that pre-millennialism is responsible for people becoming disillousioned with Christianity. However, he was absolutely no evidence for that, other than he disagrees with pre-millennialism.

      So now he’s switched tactics, claiming that it’s the schooling that is the problem. I don’t deny that schooling has an enormous bearing on young people’s faith. But that does not invalidate anything in Ham’s book; after, OEC is becoming popular even among homeschoolers; I am meeting more and more OEC hs’ers today than ever.

      Demar’s attempts are at showing how there is more Scripture written about eschatology than creation is ludicrous. Since when do young people decide to abandon their faith because there are more verses on one topic than another? It is simply a ploy to mimic the cold hard facts on Ken Ham’s side, whereas Demar and other preterists are finding favorable facts hard to come by.

      Preterism only grows when there is prosperity for them to point to as evidence of the world’s improvement (when prosperity is lacking, they point to technology (“Hey, the world’s not getting worse! A hundred years ago we didn’t have toasters!”)).

      Demar’s rejecting of the Bible’s most clear prediction of uniformitarianism is laughable at best. He’s debate tactics, and recent strikes at Ham/Beemer’s work have made his writing nothing more than mildly amusing to me. His basic scriptural interpretive scheme is to take the most, plain, literal interpretation of about four words in Scripture: “Generation”, “Quick”, “Soon”, and “Near”. Everything else can mean whatever we must make them mean, so that this quartet can be made to sing the tune that those who wish to be “of this world” want to hear.

  2. Mr. Atheist Says:

    Ken Ham is a crackpot, snake oil shilling, predator.

  3. 99marko Says:

    Do you have anything besides name calling to contribute?

  4. Dan Says:

    Of course not, because atheism has no arguments. What really makes atheists mad is that a book 2000 years old completely has their number. It describes exactly what they’re like (Psalm 14) and what drives their puppetmaster (John 8:44).

  5. Mr. Atheist Says:

    Well, technically the book is not really 2,000 years old (just as the earth is not 6-7,000 yrs old). Is it any wonder that god’s kryptonite is knowledge? It’s right there in Genesis with the tree of knowledge. It must be fun to take versus out of context. What about incest, is that okay with Christians too? Slavery must be okay as well. And murder? Sign me up! Seriously, read your Bible and then tell me HOW it is your are still a christian.

  6. Daniel Says:

    I just wanted to add my comment here. I grew up in a fundamentalist evangelical church and attended sunday school and youth group about every week of my life til the age of 17.
    Why did I leave and never go back? Because as an adult all I see is christians of all denominations bickering, fighting, splintering and arguing.
    I have only ever seen very little outreach as opposed to lots of introversion and shutting out and even blatant fear of the big wide unwashed unsaved world out there. I have heard lots of condemnation of others but little serious self-analysis and soul searching. I’ve heard and seen endless shameful judging of and complaining about (usually regarding Christians of other denominations, homosexuals and sinful disbelievers) and seen almost no mercy and compassion shown. I’ve seen leaders who prefer to deny their sin (often of adultery) and splinter into a new denomination rather than confess and repent. And an endless grab for more cash, more cash & even more cash.
    The modern evangelical church these days is all flashy video screens and loud music and endless blessing and zero substance, sacrifice and true faith.
    The church can go jump. In one sentence: the reason I left church is because I don’t see God or Jesus Christ or the Spriit there; just big, empty blown up human egos.

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